Tom De Vrieze Serpentine Shower
  • Tom De Vrieze Serpentine Shower
Getting ready for global warming and solving the Australian water restrictions issue: take your shower on the lawn! Do not forget to choose another spot on the lawn everyday, so that the grass stays nice and fesh all summer.

This product designed by Tom De Vrieze is a valuable part of the extremis range. Place the Serpentine wherever you want. Plug your regular garden hose to the end of the stainless steel tube and your shower is ready for use.
Serpentine is a garden shower with an attractive and practical design. The added value comes from the light construction which provides very easy mobility in the garden.

A major advantage is the 'plug and spray' feature. No longer any problems with pressure pumps or permanent constructions, just plug in the hose, open the tap and have a shower. Because the hose is exposed to the sun, the water inside the hose and the Serpentine heats up and has a nice temperature.

As form follows function, Serpentine’s shape is reduced to pure functionality. Attach your garden hose to the end of the Serpentine with one simple click.

Open and close by simply moving the lever in the middle up or down, it's child's play!

Second advantage is that you do not need to leave your shower and open or close the tap in the house or the garage, leaving the water flow unattended.

Tom De Vrieze