Tokujin Yoshioka Moon Chair
  • Tokujin Yoshioka Moon Chair
  • Tokujin Yoshioka Moon Chair
  • Tokujin Yoshioka Moon Chair
A movement of voids and absences in perfect formal balance. Fluid, changing lines imbue the silhouette with a material evanescence which absorbs and casts a subtle, delicate light. Seen sideways, the seat's graceful curves blend into the cylindrical streamlined design of the base, evoking a blossoming flower, an organic concession to geometric severity.

Front on, the light reflecting off the seat acquires an almost fairytale air, it appears and disappears then grows again, reminiscent of the phases of the moon. A soft, snug visual effect which promises a feeling of well-being; a seductive, undeclinable invitation to settle.

Two small armchairs for outdoors produced by rotational moulding, in polyethylene or nylon with lacquer finish in white, pearl grey and black.

A slightly larger armchair, made in flexible polyurethane covered with leather or fabric.
A chair, with the same seat concept as the armchair, with lacquer or natural finish if coordinated with Memory, with a "soft" shell in polyester with internal flexible mass in polyurethane foam or with shell in flexible polyurethane covered in leather or fabric.

Tokujin Yoshioka