Tobias Grau TG1 Table
  • Tobias Grau TG1 Table
  • Tobias Grau TG1 Table
  • Tobias Grau TG1 Table
Tobias Grau is presenting a new range of desks, work tables and conference tables.
The various materials and colours form an entire product family with a modular structure, purist design and excellent quality. A visually graceful but structurally strong frame construction makes it possible to build both small and very large tables.

The tabletop is always made up of individual panels; this multipart structure permits a wide range of material and colour combinations. Cables can be fed through the lengthwise openings between the individual panels and connected with the electricity, IT and telephone cable and socket system on the underside.

Accessories like drawers, computer holders, racks and lamp adapters put the finishing touches to the range.

Thanks to adjusting screws integrated into the legs, the height of the table can be set at anywhere between 70cm and 80cm.

The legs and frames are available in a choice of colours: polished or matt aluminium or matt black. The panels are available in black MDF, black leather or glass (white, orange or black).

0.9 x 1.8m
1.2 x 2.4m
1.6 x 1.6m
1.2 x 4.4m
1.6 x 4.4m

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