Timo Sarpaneva Timo Glass
  • Timo Sarpaneva Timo Glass
  • Timo Sarpaneva Timo Glass
Designer, sculptor, and painter, Professor Timo Sarpaneva’s long career did play an important role in the evolution of Scandinavian design. His métier ranges from functional designs to artistic creations, fusing geometric figure and organic form, in works reminiscent of Constantin Brancusi. Glass was Timo’s favorite material right from the beginning, and earned him numerous Grands Prix at the Milan Triennales in the ‘50s. The material immateriality of glass became a life-long obsession, glass as a form revealed by what it contains, glass as a fleeting substance between idea and reality.

“Glass is the finest of all materials, the way it can be worked, the way it achieves its form is unique among materials. It metamorphoses from a viscous mass to clear crystalline objects. It is capricious and difficult; it is a material which lives many lives.”

During his career he distanced himself from the functionalism and constructivism dominating the Finnish industrial designs of the 50s, and explored new forms that married industrial product and objet d’art. His conviction that even a simple everyday object can possess architectural qualities can be seen in many of his practical and beautiful projects.

Timo’s career, in all its artistic vision, is also the story of a socially engaged Scandinavian designer. In many of his designs to be found in museums around the world, as well as in the Timo Glass, the glass itself is sculpted solid rather than drawn and blown.

“I have tried to bind eternity within the silence of the glass, to fix the fleeting moment which so quickly dissolves, in all its fragile beauty.”

Timo Sarpaneva

Design House Stockholm