Thomas Sandell King Chair and Sofa
  • Thomas Sandell King Chair and Sofa
  • Thomas Sandell King Chair and Sofa
  • Thomas Sandell King Chair and Sofa
The new King chair, designed by Thomas Sandell, came about when OFFECCT and Thomas were commissioned to furnish TV chef Melker Andersson's new restaurant Kungsholmen. King combines neatness with volume. The chair appears to be moulded in a single piece, a counterbalance to the Windsor-style chairs and austere chairs commonly found in restaurants and other meeting-places.

The design of King is reminiscent of a majestic throne and the chair has an open shape for accessibility. It is a free-standing, narrow chair which still has a large 'body'. It is essential that the chair takes up little space as in restaurants, for example, every extra seat counts. King is an exceptionally considered chair through and through, designed to fulfil a clear need.

"When we furnished Kungsholmen I wanted a chair that could create its own environment in the room and lend a cosy feel without taking up too much space. The result was King , the chair solves many of the problems we often face in public meeting-places. This makes it a product that genuinely fulfils the aim," says Thomas Sandell.

King is covered entirely in fabric or leather with a zip at the back so the cover can easily be cleaned and changed. The cover is divided into two with a darker panel at the base for better resistance to wear from knocks and shoe imprints. Despite its somewhat linear appearance, it offers wonderful comfort.

"There is clear market demand for this type of product. King can already be found at Kungsholmen restaurant in Stockholm and at a restaurant in Uppsala," explains Thomas.

King comprises a wooden frame with cold foam.

420 mm (width) x 780 mm (height) x 590 mm (depth).

Thomas Sandell