Thomas Althaus DS 540 Sofa
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  • Thomas Althaus DS 540 Sofa
The DS-540, designed by Thomas Althaus, is an exciting serial tale of sublimely upholstered sofas.

Its theme is not an expression of nostalgia, but a mirror on an optimistic future, marked by the merest soupçon of extravagance. Back and seat cushions, whose form conjures up a smoothly flowing quilted mat, are an open invitation to relax in voluptuous comfort. The cushioning on the back and armrests can be adjusted upward with a flick of the wrist to transform the sofa into a cosy corner of seductive bliss.

The cubic body is enclosed at its sides by a supporting metal frame that creates a subtle contrast to the pliant cushions. Additional elements allow the sofa to be converted easily into a corner suite. The careful attention paid to the quality of the sofa is consciously emphasised throughout. If the DS-540 were a piece of music then it would be "Exactly like you" by Stan Getz. In Germany only in WK furniture stores as model WK - 600 available.

Thomas Althaus

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