Thomas Althaus DS 451 Sofa
  • Thomas Althaus DS 451 Sofa
  • Thomas Althaus DS 451 Sofa
The DS-451 from Thomas Althaus is an intelligent, technically sophisticated essay on the theme of transformation: in no time at all, the sofa can be changed into a cosy lounger. Twisting the seats through 90 degrees swivels the leg-rest out from beneath the side armrests. Back adjustment is triggered by a mechanism integrated in the armrest.

As the back tilts to a more reclined position, the armrests rise proportionally to a position that reflects the ergonomic ideal. The lines of the DS-451 are hallmarked by the powerful horizontal arrangement of the long back section from which the armrests flow outward to form a harmonious entity of design. The top of the back section forms a delicate border with two adjustable headrests. Seemingly afloat on its chrome-plated frame, the DS-451 envelops the sitter in a veritable embrace of comfort.

Thomas Althaus

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