Tecnolumen SF 28 Adjustable Desk Lamp
  • Tecnolumen SF 28 Adjustable Desk Lamp
Table Lamp with Hemisphere

The design of this table lamp originated with the group of architects who were active in Swedish functionalism and contemporary with the Bauhaus. During this same period the Dutch firm Gispen produced a similar lamp, also featuring a hemisphere, serving as reflector, resting loosely on the globe.

The polished aluminum cowl is held on the glass globe by friction alone. The reflector can be adjusted as desired for glare-free illumination. This reduction to the most functional elementary shapes, a sphere and a cylinder, is the distinguishing feature of this table lamp, which can still find many practical uses today.

Metal chrome plated or laquered in black, polished aluminium, opaque glass.

Each lamp is consecutively numbered and bears this logo: TECNOLUMEN

D 165 x H 390 mm