Tapio Wirkkala TW003 Pendant Lamp
  • Tapio Wirkkala TW003 Pendant Lamp
  • Tapio Wirkkala TW003 Pendant Lamp
The successful TW003 pendant is a fine example of Tapio Wirkkala’s versatile talent which extended also to industrial design. The WIR light bulb designed in 1959 for the Finnish lamp manufacturer Airam was an instant commercial success. The simple, elegant and distinctive bulb represented completely new thinking about the role of technical components in the design of light fittings. In the course of 1960, Wirkkala designed several types of holders for the bulb, all of which were based on the shape of a black cylinder.

Numerous versions of the pendant were produced in which the shape of the bulb, the length of the holder and various metal or glass shades were used to create a range of impressive and unique pendants. Wirkkala also employed the simplest of the many versions, a black cylinder with the WIR bulb, in his own interior designs. Many of his colleagues also used the TW003 in groups in exhibitions.

Tapio Wirkkala