Tambino Toddler Tablet Stand
  • Tambino Toddler Tablet Stand
  • Tambino Toddler Tablet Stand
tambino toddler tablet stand! As seen in BusinessWeek Magazine! Interactive media is now more accessible with this child-friendly tablet stand. It can even be used as a camera stand to watch over your loved one, while perfectly matching the decor of his room.

Designer Jessica Cohen writes: "As a furniture designer I wanted to create a product for a child that would be at once a toy to play with, a space for interactive media, and an educational tool. Tablet computers are commonly used as educational platforms in kindergartens, and children as young as 2 intuitively know how to operate ipads (thanks, Steve!). There is a need for the US furniture industry to catch up with today’s ubiquitous use of interactive devices. Computer desks are the current solution, but they are basically storage units for a PC tower and monitor. However they do not address needs like a group of kids playing a video game together, or viewing media on a tablet computer. Regarding the use of numbers, I think kids will assign more meaning and character to numbers, if they are physically interacting with them. For example, if a 3 acts as a hinge, it will be more purposeful than flat abstract lines on paper."

Intended for children ages 2-7. (While children over the age of 2 may play with the stand as a toy, we recommend only letting children over the age of 4 use a tablet with this stand.)
Materials: Made of renewable, solid American maple plywood; steel and zinc hardware.
Plywood comes from managed forests, and is CARB-P2 compliant for formaldehyde emissions. Paint is low-VOC, lead-free, and water-based. *Designed and made in USA.
Water-proof surface may be easily cleaned free of ink etc.
Comes with screws, allen wrench, and instructions.
Color scheme: blue, red.
Does not include tablet computer.