Sylvain Willenz Torch Cone ø500 Light
  • Sylvain Willenz Torch Cone ø500 Light
2011 sees the Torch collection expand with the addition of the Torch cone Ø500, a dramatically wider version. Torch Light, owes elements of its form to the typical torch and car headlight. PVC dipped polymer gives a tactile finish, referencing the handheld nature of a torch, whilst light shines through a clear, diamond textured polycarbonate diffuser (akin to the textured glass of a car headlight) creating an ambient light. The Torch Light is available as a table light in two sizes, suspension light in four sizes and as a grouped suspension light of 10 or 20. Since its launch in 2008, the Torch Light has become one of Established & Sons most widely admired pieces.

Sylvain Willenz

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