Studio Job Paper Mirror
  • Studio Job Paper Mirror
Did the idea of paper furniture ever strike your mind?

Paper, cardboard and papier-mâché are familiar to all of us. They bring back long-lost memories of kindergarten and our first experiences of making things with our own hands, coloring, cutting, shaping and wrapping like busy bees. We can generate almost anything from a white sheet of paper: from basic shapes and everyday objects to dramatic love letters and life-changing novels.

It is a material with infinite potential, waiting for the dreamer to give it a shape. Inspired by classic icons but manufactured like modern day furniture, this cardboard flat pack furniture collection is an ode to a classical style and to a material that makes everything possible. Even hanging your clothes or storing your shoes in a solid piece of furniture made of paper!

paper, cardboard and honeycomb panels


119x85x6cm | 46.9"x33.5"x2.4" (HxWxD)

Studio Job