Studio Job Globe Storage Unit
  • Studio Job Globe Storage Unit
  • Studio Job Globe Storage Unit
  • Studio Job Globe Storage Unit
Custom made thinking about the indefatigable travellers around the world, GLOBE is the first container unit to enter Gufram's Multiples collection. It is a kind of secret chest where you can store the most vivid memories, the most tangible mementoes, and the most precious souvenirs of the experiences accumulated in your travels to the four corners of the globe.

The narrative register of this new Gufram Multiple is to open its doors and to discover where the roads have taken you. Studio Job - created by Smeets and Nynke Tynagel - has conceived this small closet by giving a different and personal interpretation to the Gufram universe: they have isolated softness in the polyurethane foam globe set at the heart of the project. The surprise effect is thus even stronger and more intense.

The vaguely charted earth, coloured by the different continents and set at the centre of the closet, is as a matter of fact made of a material soft to the touch. A choice which is decidedly coherent with Gufram's production and attitude, and destined to amaze with a touch of unexpected subtle irony.

95 x 44 x 195 cm

Studio Job