Studio Cappellini Sistemi Modular Shelving
  • Studio Cappellini Sistemi Modular Shelving
  • Studio Cappellini Sistemi Modular Shelving
  • Studio Cappellini Sistemi Modular Shelving
New developments for 2005 also for Sistemi (Cappellini's modular home or office storage compartment systems). The set has been produced for more than twenty years and yet it is a "work in progress". It is an abacus. It is adaptable. And smart. It is specially designed to enable a vast range of storage solutions.

New 150 cm and 180 cm wide units join the modular single side panel products. New drawer cabinets, new CD holders and compartments with 'up and over' folding panel doors.

New sliding doors. Mirrors included (coloured mirror option). Oak, with nautical effect grating, or circular grille design. New mirror or coloured glass back panel solutions.

New colours, chocolate, forest green and cloud (mat or polished lacquered versions available). New finishes as natural Santos wood.

Small changes with a great effect multiply the compositional solutions of SISTEMI. Faithful to its tradition of continual product renewal and improvement, this year Studio Cappellini focuses on the version with side panels, working on materials, on colour combinations and, naturally, on new elements.

There are important new technical and visual features in the sliding doors: the classic 4 centimetre thick door now has a rail with a brake, silent and invisible, and it is also available in the widths of 47 and 62 centimetres.

The most interesting new feature is the ability to mount 2 centimetre thick sliding doors, in two heights and in all widths of the range. In this way it is possible to partly close the composition, just the space from the lower area to the desired shelf or from shelf to shelf.
Now, with the partial backrests, it is possible to have different colours for each section of the composition which can be alternated with the new cork finish too: the same cork that newly graces the fronts of the cupboard and leaf drawers, also used for the module compositions. And to match there is a new knob, also in cork, perfectly matching the lacquered door and drawers.

The special internal drawers of the back panel compositions are available with an alucobond front and "push" mechanism, alongside the traditional wooden drawers.

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