Steven Holl Riddled Table
  • Steven Holl Riddled Table
  • Steven Holl Riddled Table
"This combination of laminated material and porosity lend the advantage of a minimal piece of furniture through the exclusion of additional hardware. The traditional The Riddled table comes into its own with the addition of the glass top, which draws attention even more toward the two legs. Two laser-sculpted solids underscore the porosity that characterizes many of the works by the American architect. An invitation to "enter" into the legs: the sheet of ultra-thin wood that forms them is open at the top, making this design even more spectacular as it seems to defy the forces of gravity. Steven Holl has found an ideal partner in Horm, able to make dreams a reality and emphasize them with incredible solutions.

laser-perforated American walnut, 2.2 mm thick
tempered glass tabletop

250 x 100 x H 72 cm

Steven Holl