Soda Designers Lester Armchair
  • Soda Designers Lester Armchair
Soda Designers have made a name for themselves over the past few years as a calm, considered and elegant outfit with a lot of taste and a strong client portfolio. They have a small but impressive collection of products to their name, Wittmann's York sofa being a good example of their work. Nevertheless, it took a special occasion for the team to create their latest, highly unconventional piece for Wittmann.

Lester - a deckchair with fine leather upholstery - is a contradiction in itself, yet its appearance, functionality, and seating and reclining comfort all speak in its favour. It arose in response to an invitation issued as part of Vienna Design Week to develop a free project for Wittmann M belwerkstetten. This inspired Soda Designers to put a new spin on the theme of the mobile, light, folding deckchair. Designers Nada Nasrallah and Christian Horner have come up with a highly distinctive piece that features a leather seat with classic deep-buttoned upholstery and a chrome frame.

The chair can be locked in three different positions and at just 10cm thick when folded, it is easy to store. A separate footrest enhances comfort still further. The lightness and simplicity  though not in terms of the work that goes into it  means that Lester works well in combination with other furniture. Each chair has a serial number engraved in the chrome frame, making it truly unique.

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