Shoichi Uchiyama Enigma Lamp
  • Shoichi Uchiyama Enigma Lamp
  • Shoichi Uchiyama Enigma Lamp
- Emits glare-free lighting to large rooms via its innovative yet simplistic form - Shades allow ample light into a space. - Hair thin aluminum wires hold the shades perfectly horizontal, while creating the illusion of a floating luminaire - Light source is housed in the cone and is not visible from any angle - Injection-molded shades form a beautiful shape and the matte finishing of the upper side highlights the beauty of texture

Enigma 425 emits glarefree light of high quality. The illumination of the four shades gives a floating and sculptural character.

Aluminium, brushed and coated. Matt coated acryl.

As a guideline for interior lighting it was determined to concentrate on the using of soft light through indirect lighting rather than direct illumination. Through adjusting the light levels for indirect lighting on walls and ceilings you will optain a variety of degrees of brightness and as result enhance the three-dimensional effect of space and objects.

Enigma found its inspiration in Japanese lighting culture and shares the lighting philosophy of glare-free, comfortable light with all other fixtures from Louis Poulsen. Enigma 425 is in fact a down scaled version of the Enigma 825. Launchen mainly to the residential market but found useable in a lot of professional settings due to its comfortable light distribution.

Shoichi Uchiyama

Louis Poulsen