Sandro Santantonio Muse Lamp
  • Sandro Santantonio Muse Lamp
Soft, inviting, sensual meringues; lamps that look like they were created by the best pastry chefs express a contagious liveliness and joie de vivre. Muse is a collection of lights born under the sign of sinuousness, where the sensory and tactile effect of materials, with their careful research and high-tech innovation produce original and intriguingly expressive results.

"Our project aims to completely express the desires of the heart and imagination and to capture the simple and yet spectacular effects of pure, harmonic natural elements like a flower or a cake, making them precious allies in creating pleasurable atmospheres for the senses. Muse is kind of large meringue. Its curves and 'movement' are inspired by the sweet world of pastries - cakes to touch, taste and savour that we wish would never end."

The collection has nine models of lamps, like the muses of Greek mythology, the daughters of Zeus and representatives of the supreme ideal of art. Soft and voluptuous, these lamps by Axo Light are made of a metal structure wrapped in silky, elasticated fabric.

The collection has hanging lamps (in two available diameters of 80cm and 120 cm, with incandescent or fluorescent bulbs), two ceiling lights (80cm and 120cm diameter with incandescent or fluorescent bulbs) and a floor lamp (110 cm high with a diameter of 70 cm) and a double light switch.

Sandro Santantonio

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