Sam Baron Philippe I Table
  • Sam Baron Philippe I Table
  • Sam Baron Philippe I Table
  • Sam Baron Philippe I Table
Philippe I is a mini-collection of ‘gueridon’ or small tables and café tables. Philippe I is the evolution of a formal language launched in the Marie Antoinette Pop Collection, presented by Casamania in 2009. The Philippe I side tables are easy to place in any type of environment, either singularly or in couples. The collection is completed with an intimate dining or cafe table which evokes the romanticism of candle-lit dinners in the warm Parisian night.

The table is crafted from lacquered MDF coupled with the richness of walnut. A matt lacquer is applied to the piece like a sophisticated dress, the 'skirt' of which is raised slightly off the ground to offer a glimpse of warm flesh beneath. This sensuality is juxtaposed with a cool glass top in a mirrored or transparent finish, a stylistic foible with strong practical advantages.

These concepts passed through a filter, with explicit stylistic references to the 18th century French cabinetry tradition coupled with an attention to detail, manufacturing methods, and usability that are characteristic of our 21st century way of life.

structure: lime-wood, MDF, walnut

white lacquer with transparent glass top/black lacquer with mirrored glass top.

low side table: ø 42 H 42; tall side table: ø 39 H 52; café table: ø 65 H 75

Sam Baron