Ross Lovegrove Aeros Lamp
  • Ross Lovegrove Aeros Lamp
  • Ross Lovegrove Aeros Lamp
Aeros immediately draws the eye. An ethereal, floating object with an exquisitely chased surface that is luminous and yet shielded. Aeros exudes an elegant mystique reminiscent of Byzantine decoration. Aeros is equally ultramodern, and its advanced fixture design made technical production a major challenge.

A prerequisite in the development process was to make the new fixture suited for both the private and the professional segments. Consequently, Aeros was designed to be fitted with compact fluorescent lamps, but a version was made for the E27 socket, a solution that takes full advantage of energy-saving light sources.

Aeros is designed as a circle, created as one, big, organically formed reflector with the light source placed at the top. The fixture is made from anodised aluminium, cast in two parts, with the joint serving to underpin the design. The reflector is designed with a perforated pattern at the rounded side while the upper and lower sides are unperforated.

Light is emitted horizontally through the perforations and directly downward. Discreet light is also emitted upward. At the inner and upper sides, the facetted reflector strongly reflects light, spreading it widely. The dense, perforated pattern yields a three-dimensional effect giving the fixture an air of weightlessness.

With its sculptural beauty, its shielded light source and comfortable light distribution, Aeros fulfils all requirements of the Louis Poulsen lighting philosophy. Aeros was designed for fairly low suspension over tables, so the light source would be completely shielded. The fixture is ideal for private interiors and professional settings, such as conference rooms, restaurants, bars and receptions.

Aeros is made in cast, anodised aluminium. Suspended in three wires. The fixture measures Ø 750 mm and is 1800 mm high. It is fitted with 23/24 W TC-TSE or 42 W TC-TEL.

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