Ron Gilad Ciao Gino Mirror - Lighting
  • Ron Gilad Ciao Gino Mirror - Lighting
  • Ron Gilad Ciao Gino Mirror - Lighting
The Mirrors series by Ron Gilad plays with one of the most incredible objects ever invented by man: the mirror. Through the designer's creativity and ingenuity, the reflecting surface becomes a sort of magical plane, which when lit reveals evocative glimpses of architectural or romantic interiors. Looking into the mirror creates confusion between the surrounding reality and the image discretely suggested by Gilad's simple, perfect design.

"The Untitled pieces in the Mirrors collection are the imaginary space between reality and its reflection. The city views embedded in the least visible layer of the mirror remain hidden when the lights are turned off, and appear as soon as the mirrors are switched on. The collection blurs reality to reveal a surreal world." Ron Gilad.

When working with the profiles of some extremely recognisable lamps (Parentesi by Achille Castiglione and Pio Manzu, 2097 by Gino Sarfatti and Fucsia by Achille Castiglione), the play on reality and appearance becomes even more attractive: looking in the mirror we have the sensation that the lamps are in the space next to us.

"When looking into the mirror, the spectator will be amazed to discover that decoration also has a function." Ron Gilad.

width 1000 mm
height 600 - 800 mm
length 2000 mm

Ron Gilad