Ron Arad Raviolo Chair
  • Ron Arad Raviolo Chair
  • Ron Arad Raviolo Chair
We thought we'd never embark on yet another rotational moulding project and that with the Voido we'd managed to get away from the expected 'container' look of rotational moulded furniture. Magis tempted us again, but this time we were determined to come up with a shape that goes even further in resisting the inflated volume look. This was done by making a continuous looped ribbon with a defined inside and outside texture that serve to make the continuous band more readable, and like stuffed pasta the ribbon appears to be inflated.

We did all that with a careful consideration of the easy release from the mould. We also confess that the overall final shape owes a lot to the efforts to achieve this idea using different techniques. So this time the rotational moulding was not just a cheap alternative to other moulding techniques but the one that saved an idea that looked for another technology for a long time.

Ron Arad