Ron Arad Do Lo Rez Rug
  • Ron Arad Do Lo Rez Rug
  • Ron Arad Do Lo Rez Rug
  • Ron Arad Do Lo Rez Rug
  • Ron Arad Do Lo Rez Rug
  • Ron Arad Do Lo Rez Rug
  • Ron Arad Do Lo Rez Rug
  • Ron Arad Do Lo Rez Rug
The Do-Lo-Rez collection, designed by Ron Arad, is a fusion of two expertly made pieces into one single element. Designed jointly, the sofa, produced by Moroso, and the rug, produced by nanimarquina, can be combined to create a suite of unlimited possibilities.

With this extremely unusual project, Ron Arad proposes a contemporary look at design, bringing the virtual world and the real world closer together. The Do-Lo-Rez project, whose name comes from the expression "do low resolution", is based around the concept of the pixel, the vital component of the virtual world.

Customisable rug
The Do-Lo-Rez collection of handtufted rugs is available in two models: Do-Lo-Rez 1 (184x276cm) and Do-Lo-Rez 2 (207x253cm). The two pieces can be fitted together vertically or horizontally, giving free rein to the creation of an unlimited patchwork creation. Do-Lo-Rez is a "make it your own" kind of collection, whose infinite jigsaw-like combinations allow for the customisation of any area.

Do-Lo-Rez is available in three colour variations: reds, blues and greys. Each rug is made up of various squares of different shades (between 8 and 12 colours per rug) and three different depths (8mm, 15mm, 30mm) allowing for different volume effects.

Consistently inventive and challenging, Ron Arad has studiously avoided categorisation by curators and critics throughout his career. He never wanted a profession as such - whether as architect, product or furniture designer - but his reputation in each of these fields is formidable; as the outsider continually questioning established practices and institutions.

100% wool (New Zealand)

Handmade. Hand tufted

reds, blues, greys

184 x 276 cm and 207 x 253 cm

Ron Arad