Rolf Heide Modular Desk
  • Rolf Heide Modular Desk
  • Rolf Heide Modular Desk
Good design offers framework – the furnishing system modular give the possibility to fashion every room individually and use the space optimally. The clear lines of the program remain ever present. High quality materials, available in a multitude of colours offer a high degree of variability: The modular bed with two shelves and side piece is a contemporary designer furnishing in the living room during the day and transforms into a comfortable bed in the evening. The spacious wall unit offers a combination of wardrobe and bookcase, and like all modular elements, extendable as desired.

Adaptable to the space situation like a chameleon to the environment: the furniture of the modular program can be deployed almost anywhere. Even in the kitchen, the furnishing system tidies up stylishly and lets plates, bowls and co. disappear into drawers and onto shelves. The elements of the wall unit are available open or with doors and can therefore be individually established to suit. Together therefore, these can be utilized as a spacious kitchen surface and complement, jointly with the roll container, the large surface modular table most optimally. With the units made from high quality beech plywood, the furniture gives each room a natural coziness.

Much can happen on one square metre! The elements of the program modular enable the establishment of a complete workplace even at home. For school, studies or first office – the modular furniture enables order at the highest level. This is what makes learning and working real fun! The processing of high quality materials always guaranties maximum stability. The writing table in classic design is available in various sizes and therefore finds space in every floor plan. The metal cable tray fitted to the underside of the table ensures a cable free, tidy view. The roll container gives the working area additional storage space.

The modular desk comes with two cable feed bushings and a cable canal under the tabletop. It is available in different widths.

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