Rolf Heide Design Flexon Lamp
  • Rolf Heide Design Flexon Lamp
  • Rolf Heide Design Flexon Lamp
  • Rolf Heide Design Flexon Lamp
  • Rolf Heide Design Flexon Lamp
There are two reasons why the new reading lamp by ANTA is called FLEXON:
First, this lamp designed by Hamburg based designer Rolf Heide is quasi movable in all desired directions, secondly the brightness is infinitely adjustable as well. With a height
between 95 and 110 cm it fits perfectly to every reading chair.
The base made of steel is heavy enough to ensure a stable standing, even though the two-way swivel joint at the base is swiveled forward, back, to the right or to the left in order to find the optimum setting for yourself. At the end of the light rod a joint is installed as well that enables the lamp shade, a faithful recreation of a book, to rotate and tilt.
Depending on whether you hold a book, an ipad or a laptop in your hands, the brightness of the FLEXON can be easily be adjusted with the dimmer switch at the lamp head. The base and the lamp shade can be supplied in black or white, the light rod in black, white or alumimium colored.

All important information at one look:
The reading lamp can be ordered with black or white colored base and shade.
The light rod made from aluminium is available in black, white or aluminium colored lacquered, infinitely dimmable, supplied with a LED of 12 W, 2700 Kelvin, 1300 Lumen the light intensity is higher compared to a 50 Watt halogen light bulb. Rotating and swivel-mounted. Variable height between 110 cm and ca. 95 cm.
Energy efficiency class A+

Rolf Heide

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