Rodolfo Dordoni Road Chair
  • Rodolfo Dordoni Road Chair
  • Rodolfo Dordoni Road Chair
Design and handcrafting, tradition and technology, have been combined into an innovative project that reminds one of nature and where the teak is a protagonist. Road with its simple, light but clear-cut features, creates a new line inspired by the ‘50s and ‘60s Scandinavian furniture designs. A collection founded on the harmony between shapes and volumes, where the geometrical essentiality and the lightness become expression of very high creative quality and of a design fashioned to satisfy different moods and situations, from a quiet intimacy to a spontaneous conviviality.

Road is a transversal and flexible collection, which fits in every background, suitable both for indoor and outdoor.

Finishings, patterns and refined workmanship underline the uniqueness of the expertise and constitute the fil rouge that Road establishes with all Roda’s collections. A particular attention both to the ‘total design’ and to an extreme functionality; this is the plus value of the Road collection, as with all other proposals of Roda.

The design approach of the company necessarily turned towards careful functional controls in order to achieve the optimal solution. This is initiated by the inspiration to effectively utilize the spaces of daily life and to listen to users’ needs. Road: a light and elegant project that fully employs the essence of the materials.

width 750 mm
height 650 mm
depth 930 mm

Rodolfo Dordoni