Roderick Vos The Sicilian Table
  • Roderick Vos The Sicilian Table
  • Roderick Vos The Sicilian Table
The name The Sicilian almost automatically evokes pictures of a large Italian family enjoying dinner together. There would be abundant space for everyone at the huge new table designed by Roderick Vos; The Sicilian is available in sizes up to 380 cm! The indestructible steel base carries a high gloss top made of durable Kirei Board: a lightweight but ultra strong and ecological material.

Designing his table Vos decided for an unconventional two-leg construction. As a result no one has to have the known difficulties with legs at the table corners. The solid base combined with the Bamboo Board guarantees dining pleasure for generations. The Sicilian is available in the following XXL sizes: 280, 320 en 380 cm.

Determining how environmentally friendly a product is usually is not very easy. The environmental balance for bamboo is certainly positive. The ways in which it is grown and harvested are important environmental arguments. Every year the parent bamboo plant develops new stems, so the stems can be harvested after 5 years in a mature plantation without decreasing the size of the forest. Regular harvesting actually improves the bamboo's growing power. This way of working results in an even faster growth of new shoots and guarantees perfect quality for the following harvest.

Roderick Vos