Robin Rizzini Mate Sofa
  • Robin Rizzini Mate Sofa
  • Robin Rizzini Mate Sofa
  • Robin Rizzini Mate Sofa
  • Robin Rizzini Mate Sofa
Mate is an English word of various meanings, two of which are strongly tied to the 'Mate' sofa system.

'Mate' is a friend, a partner, a colleague, therefore be together, conversate, work, read, play, listen to music.

The sofa today, thanks also to the reduced size of common objects like laptop computers and the constant growth of domestic employment of wireless networks, has today a multifunctional central role.

No longer a place exclusively destined to receive guests, the sofa becomes the core of the house, enters the bedroom, communicates with the kitchen, it's lived by the family or the individual in every moment of the day. These considerations gave me the chance to work on this typology of sofa, reinterpretating it while having in perspective first of all it's contemporary living and comfort.

'Mating' also means combining one or more elements together.

Thanks to the compatibility of the various elements  linear modules, angular modules, chaise longues, pouf, low elements  Mate offers multiple compositing possibilities, functional and spatial, resulting in an extremely flexible system capable of meeting the diverse needs of dynamic and constantly evolving life styles.

The presence of low linear or 'L' shaped elements, the possibility to have on-tops, accessories and special elements, opens to new compositions where the actions of listening, conversating, reading or simply being together are seamless part of a contemporary context, meeting the needs of the individual or the family.

A modular sofa system with a frame in solid wood and elastic belts. Concealed feet.
The upholstery covers every part of the sofa and is completely removable.

Robin Rizzini

MDF Italia