Rob Slewe Pot With Light
  • Rob Slewe Pot With Light
  • Rob Slewe Pot With Light
BLOOM pot the original! BLOOM! is at once a jar for plant or flowers and a lamp. Realized in polyethylene doubles partition, it is waterproof and suits just as well to the interior as to the exterior one. Bloom! an archetype of the flower jar terracotta but to the lines stressed and to the widened volume.

To the well studied dimensions (high 40, 60 or 100 cm), declined in several colors, light and easily transportable, Bloom! very polyvalent east. It is ideal to decorate your exterior , animate your garden, light up the pieces of the house or again to welcome the Christmas tree. For your parties you can equally fill it with ice to maintain your champagne or your drinks cold.

This jar of 60 top cm exists in white, red, orange, green, pink, purple and gray chestnut. The jar (except for the 40cm) is pierced for the discharge of water.

Rob Slewe

Bloom Holland