Ricordo Bello Dias Play Wood
  • Ricordo Bello Dias Play Wood
This impressive yet handy concept finds inspiration from many of our favourite childhood games. It is a sectional outdoor bench that is the simple combination of two polyethylene easels dyed in mass linking gracefully with a fir plank. It is a bench that immediately provides its user with special seating experience, and can be accessorized with replaceable objects such as trays, and containers for plants or ice. An a non-conventional concept, it is very light, is easy to assemble and is transportable. An ideal onject for terraces and gardens as indoor furniture. Material: Polyethylene legs dyed in mass with rotational moulding, resistent to UV rays. The plank is made of pine wood, and is treated for outdoor use.

width 480 mm
height 450 mm
length 1600 mm
height of seat 410 mm

Ricordo Bello Dias