Renske Papavoine Potten Containers
  • Renske Papavoine Potten Containers
  • Renske Papavoine Potten Containers
These textile containers look like they are made from painted turned clay, but they are in fact made from cotton and synthetic latex, with several layers that give the rainbow effect of their upper rim. Their versatile functionality means that they can be used as vases, containers or as decorative dishes for tables, chests of drawers or writing desks. As an alternative to the white finish, which brings out the bright colours of its rim, other new pastel tones, such as pink, green or grey, are available in the new tabletop versions.

By purchasing these pieces, produced in the India city of Bhopal, you can cooperate in the development of fair trade and contribute to benefits for victims of the disaster in 1984, when a toxic gas leak from a factory resulted in the death of 7,000 people and seriously affected another 500,000.

Manufacturing: Manual
Technique: Otros/Others
Weight: 1.3kg / 1kg / 2.65kg / 2.4 kg
Inside: Cotton fabric

Renske Papavoine

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