Ramon Esteve Link Lighting System
  • Ramon Esteve Link Lighting System
  • Ramon Esteve Link Lighting System
Like the skyline of a great city...The modules of the LINK lighting system allow you to create silhouettes and volumes on the ceiling to suit every room and every location. Designed by Ramón Esteve, LINK consists of four modules in different sizes and heights, which connect to one another, to offer a wide range of geometries perfectly fitting into the architecture of the ceiling. They only require one electrical connection and their light source is dimmable and efficient.

The modules of the LINK lighting system connect to one another on any of their four sides, requiring at least 14 cm of overlapping surface area. All the shapes are electrically connected to each other, so that a single electrical connection on the ceiling is enough for up to 25 modules.

LINK makes it possible to exploit the path of the light as it passes through the different angles in each module to create highly pleasant indirect ambient lighting, with an effect similar to that of natural light, as if the sun’s rays were shining into the room through the different volumes of the fitting.

LINK is dimmable by means of the DALI system, allowing for different degrees of brightness depending on the time of day and the atmosphere you wish to create.

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