Rainer Bender Satellite Pandant Lamp
  • Rainer Bender Satellite Pandant Lamp
- Different sizes for different room sizes - Easy maintenance & change of light source - Provides uniform general illumination - Opening at the bottom produces direct light - Quality of glass ensures evenly lit surface

Satellite Pendant provides uniform, general and diffuse lighting. The opening at the bottom of the glass produces direct light. The glass quality ensures that, visually, the Satellite Pendant appears as an evenly lit surface.

Finish: Matt white opal glass.

Vilh. Wohlert and the present CEO of Louis Poulsen Jens Kaastrup-Olsen had a fruitful collaboration and Mr. Kaastrup-Olsen asked Vilh. Wohlert to design a pendant in three different sizes accordingly suited for different room sizes. Furthermore Wohlert was presented with the demand for easy maintenance and change of light source.

Today this fixture is hanging in many different buildings around the world including the University of Copenhagen, where it is beautifully adapted into the classical buildings. But also for the just recently built AHTS Headquarters in Copenhagen the architect Kim Utzon chose the Wohlert Pendant.

Rainer Bender

Louis Poulsen