Rainer Bender Reduced Lamp
  • Rainer Bender Reduced Lamp
- An understatement in form, material & color - Minimalist design expression - Provides mainly indirect, general illumination - Floating sheet - almost weightless

Reduced offers mainly indirect general lighting. The light sources are positioned in the fixture centre above the perforated shield, providing precise optical control of the direct light and low brightness. Reduced appears as a floating sheet that seems almost weightless.

Finish: Aluminium coloured with textured surface, powder coated.

Rainer Bender wanted to create a lighting fixture that should be experienced as an understatement in form, material and color. He also wanted to use the latest technology in light sources and provide the room with a non-glaring general illumination. Rainer describes it himself as, “Modern Technology and Elementary Simplicity.” The design expression is minimalist and makes the fixture suitable for similar architectural environments.

Rainer Bender

Louis Poulsen