Poul Henningsen PH Louvre Lamp
  • Poul Henningsen PH Louvre Lamp
- Originally designed for a church in Denmark. - 13 shades mounted on 4 legs - Inspired by an earlier fixture – “Spiral” - Glare free and even illumination

PH Louvre is a glare-free luminaire. The geometry of the PH Louvre ensures that all the illuminated surfaces of the shades are hit by light emitted at the same angle, creating optimum, even lighting performance.

White, wet painted.

PH Louvre was made for the Adventist Church in Skodsborg, Denmark. This globe-shaped fixture consists of thirteen shades mounted on four legs. It is a simplification of an earlier fixture done by Poul Henningsen called the “spiral”.

Poul Henningsen

Louis Poulsen