PLH Design Charisma Lamp
  • PLH Design Charisma Lamp
  • PLH Design Charisma Lamp
- Designed for high ceiling spaces - Received several design awards - High architectural adaptability - Majority of light is directed downward - Shades control glare - Sparkling effect in transparent cone

LP Charisma King provides high-ceiling spaces with general lighting. The internal reflector optic directs the major part of the light downwards. The shades control glare and filter the light at horizontal angles, creating a sparkling effect in the transparent cone.

Grey aluminium coloured, wet painted. Clear acrylic.

LP Charisma has already in it’s short lifetime received several design awards, including the 2002 Danish Design Award and the Good Design, awarded in Chicago also in 2002. The outer shape is a clear polycarbonate cone, indicating the main downward direction of the light. The cone encloses a reflector and two small shades, and the combination of clear polycarbonate and the visually heavier components simultaneously generate a sense of contrast and unity.

LP Charisma is self-illuminating and constructed in a manner that minimizes glare. The fixture emits even light and the cone shape means that the spaces in which LP Charisma is installed are not “sliced-into-two” in terms of light, i.e. above and below the fixture. LP Charisma has a design expression that makes it suitable for classical as well as contemporary architecture and furthermore the design is unpretentious enough to be repeated in a large number in spacious rooms.

PLH Design

Louis Poulsen