Pierre Paulin Anda Armchair
  • Pierre Paulin Anda Armchair
  • Pierre Paulin Anda Armchair
The ANDA armchair is one of these new creations, allying organic curves with perfectly-executed ergonomics.

Pierre Paulin has always proclaimed his capacity for immediately being able to picture his pieces in three dimensions: "Like a shape turning in my head," he has often said to Catherine Geel, the author of many reference works on the designer. With ANDA, the magic is still working and still without a computer in sight.

The fluid, aerodynamic elegance of ANDA is a sensual, three dimensional sculpture, the configuration of which in no way seems to arise from function, but from the personal aesthetic choices of its creator: curves, fullnesses, openings, slopes.

And yet, as assured and as expressive as they are, these choices reveal themselves to be remarkably effective in terms of usage: the ANDA armchairs envelope and support the body perfectly. Very much in the lineage of the Mushroom armchair, ANDA outstrips the historical archetype of the 'fauteuil crapaud' (squat armchair) by offering a totally new shape, offered, for optimum comfort, in both low and high-backed version, complemented by a footstool.

Construction: Seat in 3 layers of criss-cross panels; back shell in thermoformed ABS, clad in polyether foam. Base in black thermoformed ABS.
Comfort: Suspension via elastic webbing. Seat and back in polyurethane Bultex foam.
Covers: Covers are quilted with polyester and have normal stitching. Fully removable covers. Available in a monocolour interpretation only in either leather or fabric: colourful wools are particularly recommended.

Dimensions: Width / Depth / Height / Seat height
Armchair with low back: 87 / 77 / 79 / 40 cm
Armchair with high back: 99 / 85 / 99 / 40 cm
Footstool:  60 | - | - | 40 cm

Pierre Paulin

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