Piero Lissoni Sidewall Bookcase
  • Piero Lissoni Sidewall Bookcase
  • Piero Lissoni Sidewall Bookcase
Sidewall is Porro new vertical bookcase. Made up of overlapping modules of variable height, Sidewall is a decided sign, for hanging on the wall or resting on the floor, in the middle of the room.

In the wall version, the front part exhibits a continuous surface with a strong aesthetic impact, housing practical functional shelves in its side profiles. The special feature of the element is its availability in white lacquered wood, or in a composition which alternates the black exterior in ebony with the interior coloured with primary colours such as red, blue and yellow.
Instead, in the on-floor version, this containing element is proposed on a rotating base: a totem-like presence able, in its simplicity, to personalise a room, enriching it with new dynamisms

L. 30 x H. 185 x D. 22 cm

Piero Lissoni