Piero Lissoni Aire Sofa
  • Piero Lissoni Aire Sofa
  • Piero Lissoni Aire Sofa
  • Piero Lissoni Aire Sofa
  • Piero Lissoni Aire Sofa
  • Piero Lissoni Aire Sofa
A sofa with ambitions to become a racing bicycle, with a futuristic, airy and blissfully metallic inner soul. A beautiful, simple volume that is inviting and welcoming, hiding a light, agile, intelligent and efficient high-tech frame.

Aire is a tensile structure enveloped by air, its beautiful design is hidden and disguised by the actual object, implying that form, more than ever, is substance. An innovative object, uniquely designed to subtract materials and bulk, resulting in an authentically light, clean presence.Aire is the lightest sofa in the "Cassina I Contemporanei" Collection. The intelligent combination of materials and technology, in continuous development and typical of Cassina’s history, is recognizable in every part of its modular system: two elements without armrests, one with a right or left armrest, and an armchair.

The innovative design of the Aire sofa is patent pending.Both the sofa and armchair have been designed to allow the total separation of each individual component. Up to 80% of its total mass is recyclable, resulting in a significant reduction in environmental impact. The unique internal tensile structure allows a significant reduction in volume and material. Compared to traditional foam padded furnishings, Aire uses 65% less expanded polyurethane, saving energy significantly.

The tensile structure is created from steel tubing and technical fabric, stretched by a special suspension system. This frame is covered with polyester padding and incorporates areas of expanded polyurethane padding. The removable leather or fabric upholstery completes the construction of this stratified sofa. The backrest has a reclinable dual-position head rest (high and low). The feet are made of steel and the armchair is also available with wheels at the front.

height 870 mm
depth 995 mm
height of armrests 610 mm
height of seat 440 mm

Piero Lissoni