Philippe Starck Reflect 299 Table Lamp
  • Philippe Starck Reflect 299 Table Lamp
Transparency, sinuous lines and elegance are the distinctive features of this table lamp. The delicate shape of Reflect 299 is inspired by the flowing lines found in nature, and in fact its silhouette has the sinuosity of flowers and plants.

Defined by the designer as 'organic sculpture', this lamp with a polycarbonate body comprising two injection moulded sections, brings a touch of sophisticated creativity into our interiors and surrounds itself with a light that cannot fail to appeal. Attractive when both on and off, Reflect 299 joins the long list of lamps created by Starck in which the ironic, provocative streak in the designer's character gives way to a more poetic, theatrical creativity.

Clean lines, sophisticated technology and high quality light are crystallised in an object that fully satisfies the desire to surround ourselves with objects that are beautiful to look at. In the sinuous lines of Reflect 299 you can read its destiny as a 'classic', ready to take its place alongside many others which have made table lamp history.

Philippe Starck