Peter Marigold Mirror Wardrobe
  • Peter Marigold Mirror Wardrobe
The exploration on the use of mirrors generated the idea to create the illusion of a doubled volume. The symmetry of an ordinary wardrobe is preserved, but space is saved by only creating half of it. The project is also focused on the contrast between the clear mirror and the poor waste wood. An idea suited for those that want an imposing piece, to be fitted in a limited space. Half Marigold makes the dream of a whole one come true. Mirror wardrobe can be defined as a four hands project.

Thanks to the handcraft work of Angelo Grossi that, in his laboratory in Grambettola, Romagna, creates furnishings recovering the wood from the exhibitions, Peter Marigold's artistic design becomes a series, keeping its uniqueness given by the random composition of the unwrapped wood.

Peter Marigold