Peter Bysted Rubbie Lamp
  • Peter Bysted Rubbie Lamp
Key features
• no obtrusive glare • LED light source • provides horizontal and vertical light • elegant design • unique material • double functionality, bollard and stool • good light distribution • aesthetic • high architectural adaptability.

The fixture delivers a uniform and round symmetric light without any discomfort glare. The vertical light provides a good face recognition that helps improving the feeling of safety. The metallized reflector secures a controlled and high efficient light distribution.

Finish: Black.

Rubbie was launched in 2010 and is designed by Peter Bysted. The product was originally designed for the Expo world exhibition 2000 in Hannover. Since then it has been modified on several technical aspects. LED has been chosen as the preferred light source. The use of rubber material is still as unique and interesting as when first shown in 2000.

Peter Bysted’s own words about Rubbie: “The unique rubber surface and the round top offers a seat for the tired pedestrian and the sturdy presence along a square, street or quayside will mark safe passage.”. The aim was to design more than just another bollard and it is supposed to be seen as a piece of urban furniture.

Peter Bysted

Louis Poulsen