Per Weiss Cubed Sleek Sofa
  • Per Weiss Cubed Sleek Sofa
Cubed is an innovative, compact sofa bed design based on a unique transformation technique and with characteristic,
sloping metal legs. This Sleek version offers you a clean, casual look and a detachable cover that can be dry cleaned.

Cubed is an extremely space saving design, because the length of the sofa bed is folded out into the room. As the sofa is very presentable from all angles, it can be placed anywhere in the room. The sofa bed has a nice soft sitting comfort thanks to upholstery with no-sag springs and is very presentable from all angles.
Cubed Sleek comes in Red Lavish or Black Lavish, while the Deluxe version is offered in white or black leather textile.

Per Weiss