Pearson Lloyd Nebula Room Divider
  • Pearson Lloyd Nebula Room Divider
  • Pearson Lloyd Nebula Room Divider
  • Pearson Lloyd Nebula Room Divider
Among a multitude of possible interpretations, what is the most suitable definition related to the concept of “space”? Referring to traditional explanations, we can describe the space as a no defined and no limited place, where the material things are contained. However, this pragmatic definition does not include one of the most exciting features that describe the idea of space: its vague and uncontrollable immateriality. This can lead to many interpretations and it is vain every attempt to control or dominate it. Therefore the space is, first, a place of ideas – concepts and processing – that forms a scenery of references, inspirations and abstract models.

From this fluent conception of space, Pearson Lloyd’s London studio has created a project that intends to translate the immateriality of space into a physical fun shifting, fascinating and temporary reality. “Nebula “includes a series of separating flat elements, two-dimensional and graphic, but also architectural, three-dimensional and plastic ones. “Nebula” borders and divides, but at the same time connects and gives form to places both public and private, intimate and open, concrete and vague. Using clean, essential and organic shapes, Pearson Lloyd has created a visual and structural element, which can be used in a lot of contexts and situations: as a scenery, almost picturesque or as an architectural and constructive element.

His aim is to bring out environments and places from the vacuum of the immaterial space. Characterized by an iconic simplicity of shape – a cross base and a rounded screen of different forms – “Nebula” has three different sizes and colours that can be suspended or stand on the ground.


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