Paulo Mendes da Rocha PMR Chaise Lounge
  • Paulo Mendes da Rocha PMR Chaise Lounge
In the middle of the 80’s I visited the spring manufacturer Indústrias de Molas Sueden in São Paulo. A powerful factory of cold bended steel springs bound as well to locomotive as to delicate motor mechanisms. There I saw 25 cm wide steel coils as thin as a paper sheet. I immediately thought of the idea of a human body stretched out on this thin flexible sheet like floating over the ground (Henry Moore!?).

To reach the width I needed I put together two sheets while leaving an empty and longitudinal space between these in order to release the spinal column and to allow the body to relax on the muscles. This space also enabled me to fix a small cylindrical cushion for the neck.
The transverse bars, which link the two steel sheets, were strategically distributed all over the length of seat in order to enable three different inclinations.

I did not make any particular research to achieve it. This idea was born from the continuation of the Paulistano armchair concept. An idea focused on steel flexibility properties.

Paulo Mendes da Rocha