Patrick Pagnon and Claude Pelhâitre Seram Table
  • Patrick Pagnon and Claude Pelhâitre Seram Table
Ceramic sandstone is a combination of clays, granitic rocks and ceramic pigments which, thanks to an innovative lamination process can now be converted into 3 mm thick sheets. In the case of SERAM, the composite top  only 7 mm thick - consists of 2 sheets of 3 mm ceramic held together by a central layer of fibreglass.

This material offers a number of great advantages:
- Mechanical resistance: extreme surface hardness.
- Chemical resistance: resistance to stains, water, detergents, acids.
- Physical resistance: non-flammable, does not deform even under extreme heat, UV-resistant.

Eco-compatibility: emits no toxic substances, recyclable.

The table surround and legs are made from black or white-lacquered aluminium; the ceramic top is available in either 'neige' or 'graphite'.

Dimensions H 75, 180 x 100 cm and H 75, 220 x 100 cm
Other dimensions may be offered.

Patrick Pagnon and Claude Pelhâitre

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