Patrick Norguet Dot Armchair
  • Patrick Norguet Dot Armchair
  • Patrick Norguet Dot Armchair
  • Patrick Norguet Dot Armchair
The dream of an ideal home has penetrated the collective imagination for centuries, constantly changing between a symbolic idea and the material reality of every day. Every project of design we handle, is created from the abstract image of an ideal home, based not only on the architecture of this imaginary home, but above all on the objects, you can find in it and which represent its spirit and its real nature. How to transform this utopian ideal into a three-dimensional reality is an alchemical process that requires an audacious way of thinking and an extraordinary ability in doing.Patrick Norguet is among those rare contemporary designers who, through a meticulous attention to details, through a global vision and an inimitable culture of project, is able to transform even the simplest object into an idea of home.

The latest item designed by the French designer collects the symbolic values of the ideal home, expressing them into soft curves, enveloping geometries, tactile materials and basic structures. Norguet has designed an upholstered armchair, called Dot. It is related to the more traditional recognizable and appreciated products, changing their familiar traits into a contemporary object that summarizes the spirit of our time. Norguet’s project is characterized by a unique and solid shape, with a curved backrest, which develops gently in a structural element, while the upholstery gives stability and comfort to the seat, raised off the ground by a contrasting architectural frame that forms the base, available both in wood and in metal.

Patrick Norguet

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