Patrick Jouin Ester Armchair
  • Patrick Jouin Ester Armchair
  • Patrick Jouin Ester Armchair
“The design of this armchair is a compilation of all the information that I have been learning since I design restaurants. The use is always the first goal: an armchair has to be comfortable but not take too much space, light to manipulate, easy to clean, the armrest have to leave space to the tablecloth or to the waiter”.

Ester armchair is a mix of elegance and handiness. The attention to detail is omnipresent. The back is as well design as the front, as it is the part that we notice most in a restaurant. A steel frame is covered by a polyurethane foam, the comfortable seat is made of crossed elastic belts.The result is a precious leather monolith. The distinguishing element of the final part of the 4 legs, made in aluminium, not only add refinement but also avoid any scratches.

Patrick Jouin