Patricia Urquiola Tabano Armchair
  • Patricia Urquiola Tabano Armchair
  • Patricia Urquiola Tabano Armchair
It is now quite obvious that Patricia Urquiola has made the quest for softness a constant theme in her work. The swivel armchair TABANO represents an important phase, an actual manifesto of this quest which startered with the Husk armchairs, with which it has in common the base with spokes on which the large frame is inserted. One could say that the quest for comfort defines its lines and the large volumes of the seat and back.

The large “ears” originate from the need to meet functional criteria and, hence, comfort that reaches beyond the aesthetics. Its appearance awakens curiosity, it is highly expressive and scarcely conventional. It winks at cartoons with a touch of irony and, at the same time pays homage to the heritage handed down by the great masters, to the previous lounge chairs that have established parameters that are hard to surpass.

Finishes can be different in the two parts, the taut exterior and the relaxed internal side. The inside and the outside are well defined in TABANO, joined by a zipper and a faux leather profile that runs along the entire perimeter, and highlighted by finishes that also envisage a game of contrasts. On the black polyurethane swivel base or oak wood (light, grey and black), TABANO has either an all fabric or all leather look or a combination of these two materials. Let us not forget the footstool that has an oval shape and lined covers that resemble those of the seat.

Patricia Urquiola

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