Paolo Rizzato Green Table and Shelf
  • Paolo Rizzato Green Table and Shelf
  • Paolo Rizzato Green Table and Shelf
Danese is respectful toward the environment and that is why it makes quality products that don’t produce much waste throughout their life cycle. This ecological approach is emphasized by a “green” (read ecological) transparent photo catalytic finishing varnish that can be applied on any color.

The photo catalytic varnish is a coating based on Titanian dioxide (Ti02) which, through a “photo-catalysis” process activated by sun rays, can dissolve the smog and other polluting substances such as nitrogen oxide (NOx), benzene, carbon monoxide (CO) and so on, just as it occurs in a photosynthesis process. The photo-catalysis transforms the polluting substances in salts (sodium and calcium nitrites) and carbon monoxide; the salts deposit on the ground and are later removed by wind and rain while the carbon monoxide dissipates in a natural way. The degraded rests are soluble salts already existing in the atmosphere and are brought on in very small quantities not harmful to the environment and man’s well-being.

Furthermore, this coating acquires oxidizing properties in the presence of natural or artificial light, meaning that they can decompose the bacteria cells, contrasting the development of microbes and bad smell; this type of coating makes the surfaces non-water-repellent allowing the formation of a thin and invisible protective film that prevents the dirt from depositing. Thanks to its properties, this coating is perfect for outdoor products.

Danese chooses to apply it to X&Y and H&H, versatile outdoor and indoor products designed by Paolo Rizzato. The advantages of this application are clear: for example, a small 120x60 table can purify, in a day, 300 m3 of air from polluting substances.

Paolo Rizzato